Mattress Langel System is composed of 4  different high-density foams combined in 3 layers.


  1. Viscoelastic memory foam ensures optimal pressure relief and progressively adapts to the shape of the body. This cape is 4.5 cm high.
  2. The foam Air®, developed by Langel, has a cellular structure  that allows the circulation of aire keeping the mattress cool, even on hot nights. This cape is 4.5 cm high.
  3. HR cold foam  Air_Flow® with cut to favor the ventilation of the internal layers  It provides the necessary support and corrects the posture when sleeping. This cape is 8.5 cm high.
  4. HR cold foam  of firm support provides the necessary support and corrects the posture when sleeping. This layer has  8.5cm tall.


We allow you to access them by changing their position to personalize your rest.


General recommendations;


Place the Viscoelastic layer on the surface if you like to sleep in supports that adapt to your body.

Place the layer of memory foam on the reverse side of the first layer placing the dark foam on the surface if you have a very high weight and you like a firmer support.

Place the second foam with the ventilated cut on the bottom if you like to increase the firmness "slightly", another possibility is to exchange it for the firmer bottom layer. As you can see, you have a world of possibilities, 24, try and personalize your rest.



How does the 30-night trial work?


  • We offer you 30 trial nights without obligation. Try your Langel comfortably at home, sleeping, you will love your new mattress  but if not, just contact us within the trial period. We will pick up the mattress and refund you the full amount, it's that easy. In addition, we offer 30 trial nights, not only on mattresses, but on all our products.

How do we ship?

  • In the last step of production, the Langel mattress is rolled up, vacuum packed and finally placed in a box designed to make transportation as efficient as possible. You will receive a shipping confirmation and we will deliver the mattress directly to your home. Keep in mind that the different products, especially if you have bought a Pack in separate packages and their delivery can be made on different days. We ship to all peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands. In the case of Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands, contact our distributors. 

How do returns and refunds work?

  • Returns within the 30-night trial period are free of charge and your purchase will be fully refunded. For more detailed information on how we make returns, see the point "Returns" 

Does the mattress need a special foundation?

  • Our Langel mattress adapts to all types of bases, whether it is a slatted base, a canapé or upholstered bases. the mattress cover  It is non-slip so it will always stay in place.

 What happens to returned mattresses?

  • Products that have already been used are not put back into circulation. In case of return, we coordinate the collection through a logistics partner. To protect resources and the environment, we recycle all recyclable items in the mattress. The rest is disposed of properly.